24x7x365 active monitoring, maintenance and remediation

It seems simple, but really, it’s what sets us apart.

We’re a network and security company with an ecosystem of trusted partners, here to cover all of your security needs. We work with you to build a secure network, monitor your environment, and then—rather than just notify you of a problem—we go fix it.

Our in-depth understanding of networks and cloud connectivity, along with our approach, makes us uniquely capable to succeed in our mission: to secure networks and protect our customers.

We've got your back, Boston.

Skilled network and security professionals

We work as an extension of your team.

Monitor and maintain 24x7x365

Eyes-on-screen, hands-on-keyboard, around the clock.

Free up time

So you can focus on what matters most.

We go fix it

Many point products on the market are purely informational. We go fix it, and report back to you.