[Case Study] Staying Secure in 2020

To protect our customers, this case study will refer to this Greater Boston biotech company as “Biomed”.

Turning the mundane…

Biomed realized that it didn’t have a dedicated team member to perform regular maintenance or security configuration on the network, which was causing pitfalls within the network. Biomed did have an in-house resource to manage the biotech’s entire environment though. In order to focus on business-critical projects, the decision was made to offload the network and security operations.


"It’s nice to have peace of mind knowing Technium is actively monitoring our network. Members of the IT team are able to focus on business-critical processes and applications to enable our scientists to work more efficiently and securely."

Chase D., Systems Engineer, Information Technology

...Into the maintained.

As the relationship expanded between Biomed and Technium, more solutions were able to be presented, developed and implemented in order to further secure the biotech.

Daily vulnerability scans, regular security dialogue between the teams, and the creation of a full Managed Detection and Response Program has allowed Biomed to significantly increase its security posture in an industry that is all too often targeted.

A Secure 2020 for Biomed

Since 2018, Biomed has utilized Technium as a security operations partner and resource. Not only has the Biomed IT team been able to focus on business-critical projects while the Technium NSOC handles the network and security ones, we have also worked together to add strategic security initiatives that meet Biomed business goals and objectives:

  • NextGen firewall vetting and implementation
  • Network rearchitecture for a Zero-Trust design with segmentation
    and security filtration with improved visibility and controls
  • Forensics and incident response

About “Biomed”: A leading company in cancer genomics based drug discovery, delivering on the promise of precision medicine. As a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, “Biomed” uniquely leverages distinct insights from cancer genomics and real-life patient data to advance our projects to clinical proof of concept and beyond.