[Case Study] Biotech Needed a Systematic Approach to Security

An early-stage biotech company in Cambridge, MA was planning for growth and preparing for a move to a new location. The transition allowed them to stop and think about their security posture and how it could be improved.

The IT Director on staff was managing too much: network configuration and maintenance, investigations, and handling of all issues and symptoms. He was left to solve and manage at every level. 

When searching for a security partner, the goals were to not only take some of the weight off of the IT Director but also to:

  • Proactively maintain network equipment
  • Ensure proper security configuration of the network
  • Actively monitor for signs of a security incident
  • Put an incident response plan in place

Once the Technium team got a thorough understanding of their security posture and goals, we were able to guide them through obtaining the correct equipment for their next phase and future growth. We then collaborated to put a proven, systematic approach in place to manage security and improve it over time. Now, the Cambridge Biotech and Technium meet regularly to review reporting and discuss actionable items to keep security well maintained and relevant to how the biotech is operating.

Results of the Partnership


  • Maintain all network equipment, actively monitor for vulnerabilities and perform patch/upgrade as required
  • Configure firewall and all network hardware based on best practices


  • Monitor internal network, endpoints, AWS, and Office365 for abnormalities
  • Set up rules and exceptions are set up to avoid false positives


  • Alerts are managed and remediated 
  • Emergency access via cellular out-of-band device in case external network access is down

“Working with your team has given me the trust to step back and focus on other things knowing that you've got me covered. That's pretty hard to come by and super valuable. Greatly appreciated.”

Jarrod M., IT Director

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