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Our mission

We design and operate secure, highly-available networks for leading enterprise businesses. 

Although our mission has not changed in over 15 years, networks have. Today’s networks are a complex, borderless mesh of connected devices and information. Our understanding of modern networks and the technologies that impact them, along with our experience and approach, make us uniquely capable to succeed in our mission.

Our History

Technium was established in 2003, by co-founders Michael Joseph and Marius Janulis, who met while working at the legendary BBN ISP, Genuity. BBN developments include the implementation and operation of the ARPANET, the creation of the @ sign in an email address, the sending of the first email, the first Internet protocol router, the voice funnel, and early work on TCP. BBN was also the first organization to receive an Autonomous System Number (AS1) for network identification.

The core of our business has always been operations (managed services), and the focus always on secure, high-performing information networks. Many of our team-members worked together at BBN or other large ISPs and have been with us for over a decade—what we call the “early days.” Because of our roots and history, we were able to build and continue to grow a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals that most organizations, even very large ones, are unable to assemble themselves.

In 2012, we identified a shift in our industry towards the convergence of networking and security. To adjust, we began investing in more security- focused partnerships, training and personnel. We quickly realized that effective cybersecurity in the enterprise starts with an information network that is fundamentally sound. To manage these fundamentals in real-time, we developed a network performance and management platform in 2017 called SAARC (Security Analytics, Automation, Remediation and Compliance). SAARC leverages automation and orchestration to enable our Network and Security Operations Center (NSOC) to proactively monitor and manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data-in-motion.

Our specialized network and security skills and experience, along with our development capabilities, give Technium a unique advantage over traditional network engineering, security and managed services companies.

technium leadership

Executive Management

Marius Janulis

Co-Founder & COO

Michael Joseph

Co-Founder & CTO

Management Team

john emmett

NSOC manager

Steve Goodrich

Director of engineering

Susan Moran

HR & Finance Manager

Katie Perry

Marketing Communications Manager

Ben Davis

Business Manager
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