By keeping up your cybersecurity hygiene, your company can avoid the vast majority of breaches that occur. It is so simple, and yet, so often overlooked.


Think about it…
Would you continue to build a house on a cracked foundation? Or plant new seeds in a bed of weeds?

Why then, would you be willing to implement more hardware or architectural designs, without fixing your network and security foundation?

A strong and stable foundation is essential to support your future growth.

Here are some good habits to have when it comes to your cyber hygiene:

  • Scan network devices (NGFW, switches, WAP’s) for vulnerabilities
  • Patch equipment inline with vendor and IVA updates
  • Review and analyze historical data and trends
  • Establish and follow a set network and security coverage schedule

Download the full Cybersecurity Hygiene Checklist to see if your habits support a defendable network.

Download the Checklist