Ford Brings Healthcare Security Expertise to Technium

Michael_Ford_Technium_CISOMarch 18, 2019 — Technium, Inc. announced and welcomed Michael Ford as Director of Strategic Initiatives and CISO. Ford joins the 20-year-old network and security operations company to further develop its ecosystem partnerships, security program and operational quality to fulfill Technium’s long-standing mission of securing networks and protecting its customers.

“Technium is excited to have Michael join, because of his strategic approaches to quality and overall vision,” said Michael Joseph, President and Co-Founder of Technium. “Michael brings a wealth of understanding of security program development as well as large infrastructure experience. His passion about the overall market and eagerness to solve big challenges will help drive strategic decisions around our future services and offerings.”

Ford’s career in IT spans 25 years, with 12 years being specifically dedicated to cybersecurity within healthcare.

“It takes a lot of effort and focus for a single healthcare organization to develop a robust security program, while maintaining institutional knowledge, implementing change in risk-averse environments, and conveying real-world skills that aren’t taught in college programs,” Ford said. “I’m looking forward to leveraging my experience on the practitioner side to support Technium’s mission of addressing these challenges at scale for the broader industry.”

Most recently, Ford built out the security program at a renowned US hospital, grew a very enthusiastic and capable team, and successfully defended against a prolonged major cyber-attack by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

“I want to contribute to and be a part of the Technium story now as it becomes more widely discovered,” Ford stated. “Customers speak very highly of their relationships and experiences with Technium and are very engaged in collaboration for joint success.”

Leadership at Technium is equally pleased that Ford has joined the executive team and will aid in the company’s growth.


Technium is a managed network and security operations company that is celebrating 20 years of providing solutions to its customers. Technium’s ecosystem of partners and its own network and security engineers become an extension of your team, giving you a unique advantage to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data-in-motion.

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Katie Perry
Marketing Communications Manager
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