Security Choices Made Easy

Technium is committed to providing security options that are tailored to your company’s needs. Our goal is to work with you to find the best solutions that make sense for your business and your bottom line.

Our Managed Services are divided into two customizable security foundations and a choice of packages.



Choose a Foundation


24x7x365 Active Monitoring & Maintenance

Technium Secure Network as a Service (SNaaS) Foundation is a strategic operational approach offering continuous monitoring and forced maintenance to strengthen your security posture over time.

Are you ready for a truly integrated solution?

• Continuous vulnerability scanning
• Daily configuration backups
• Network monitoring
• Systemized, enforced maintenance
• Proctored reporting with recommendations for improved security
• Powered by our proprietary enterprise platform, SAARC


Scheduled Assessments, Maintenance and Future Planning

Understand your environment to fortify it – all while strategically planning for ways to operationalize your security for the future.

Not ready for long-term contracts for continuous monitoring? Not sure how secure your network is?

We’ve designed Security Advisory & Maintenance (SAM) for you. We bring our enterprise-level expertise to every SAM engagement to help our customers on their security journeys. Developed to be completely customizable and strategic, SAM will help you understand where you currently are to fortify your security posture and create an actionable plan on how to get where you want to be. 

Add a Package

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)


This package is a solution for environments with compliance requirements and a need for a deeper security solution set.



This package gives access to security expertise trained in analyzing breaches and providing root cause symptoms.

Managed Risk

Managed Risk

This package provides software evaluation and remediation planning.



This package combines Technium architectural services with experts in AWS, Azure and other cloud services.

ISO Services

ISO Services

This package gives you the C-Suite capabilities needed to further your strategy.

NEW SECURITY SERVICE: Markley Network Fabric


Connect your office to the cloud securely with the flexibility, resilience, and low cost you’ve been waiting for.


Want to Learn More?

Download our Security Catalog to get a more detailed look into Technium’s security solutions.



SNaaS is a full service security option for companies that need a complete 24x7x365 security solution. SAM is best for companies that are in the earlier stages of security allowing for services on a schedule. Either of the two foundations can be customized to suit exactly what your company needs.

One of our main differentiators is our technical expertise and commitment to a long-lasting relationship. Many other MSP’s offer robust solutions to get your security off the ground, but often set it and forget it. Technium creates a true, long-lasting partnership to get you started with a security solution and continue to improve and adjust to your security needs as necessary down the line. 

Unfortunately, yes. The question is not IF your data will be compromised, but WHEN.  Bad actors use smaller companies as avenues to larger ones. Any fragility in your system is like a beacon to a hacker. The good news, it only takes a few easy steps to not be the low hanging fruit and we can help you get started.

Of course! However there are many things to consider before you do. First and foremost is the talent shortage. The need for skilled talent is higher than ever and only increasing. The New York Times reported that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs unfilled by 2021. Also, if you’re lucky enough to find the skilled people, the cost of salaries can be prohibitive.  Check out our blog post to learn more – or, just reach out with questions.

What is SAARC?

Not just another acronym! This is our proprietary software that powers our security - you'll want to know more!