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9 Tips To Decrease Your Security Risk

When you make changes within your organization, remember that you’ll need to make changes to your cyber security program too. Review these tips to be sure you’re doing all you can to decrease your risk.

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Security is a Team Sport

When IT professionals are faced with safeguarding their business’ digital infrastructure they are flooded with options leaving most people overwhelmed and in more of a quandary of when then started. So how is one to choose?

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The Intricacies of MDR

MDR sounds simple; it is only three letters, so how complicated can it be? The answer to this may surprise you. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is more than just overseeing what’s happening in your environment.

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Penetration Testing 101

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a process by which software is utilized to probe a network and its elements for security risks. The job of security is always to focus on reducing the attack surface. Pen testing is what allows you to do this.

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The cost of in-house network security can add up quickly

As you think about securing your business against cyber attacks, keep in mind that you’ll not only need an up-to-date system, but you’ll also need to consider keeping it current.
And the human element can be even trickier. Find out the real cost of creating an in-house security team.

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Mobile Security Tips for End Users

In a mobile world, it is important to conduct a risk analysis of whether a person may be a target of an attack on their phone. Here are some steps one can take to reduce the exposure to phone-based attacks, depending on the level of risk…

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Reduce Your Technical Debt

Technical debt reflects the implied cost of addition rework caused by choosing an easy solution now rather than taking the time to properly plan and execute a project.

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Working Remotely

Preparing for the Unknown Has Become a Reality

Preparing for the Unknown Has Become a Reality Many established companies were used to going into their brick and mortar offices, and then were forced to go remote. How prepared were you for this change? We have come across a couple of scenarios to which you might be able to

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Cyber Hygiene Checklist

Understanding the very basics of cyber defense will help you better prepare for the security conversations that will inevitably occur within your organization. 

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