You're Only as Solid as
What You Build On

Proper network cyber defense starts with a well-architected and implemented network. 

Technium Professional Services

Technium Professional Services offerings utilize our skills and resources to help companies achieve a fundamentally-sound network whether you’re connecting on-premises, remotely or to the cloud.
Our architecture and engineering team has decades of experience along with a number of degrees and certifications from accredited institutions, industry organizations, and technology manufacturers.

Assessment Services Title

We will work to understand your current network and ensure the gaps are identified and corrected.

  • Network Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Firewall Configuration Assessment
  • Wireless Survey
Design Services Title

Our senior network and security experts will review and design your network and security architecture.

  • Network Design
  • Network Security Design
  • Wireless Access Point Proactive Placement Report
Implementation Services Title

We will deliver a configured and secure network that either adds to or improves  your network and security infrastructure.

  • Network Implementation
  • Security Implementation
  • Network High-Availability Testing


Advisory & Consulting Services Title

Tap into our expertise to evaluate, design and implement improvements to your security profile. 

  • Security Consulting Services
  • Security Advisory & Maintenance (SAM)