With cyber attacks on the rise as remote work requirements and digital communications surge, avoiding a security breach is now, more than ever, the exception and not the rule for a lot of companies.

As you think about securing your business, keep in mind that you’ll not only need an up-to-date system, but you’ll also need to keep it current to stay ahead of the game. And the human element can be even more challenging.

  • To build a team that provides 24x7x365 coverage will require a minimum of 4 to 6 network and security professionals.
  • The demand for network and security focused IT professionals is incredible. As the attack landscape had increased, so has the demand for specialists who are trained to stop such attacks, making it difficult to hire, train and retain the right people.
  • Additionally, the total cost of salaries can be prohibitive depending on your overall IT budget. See our infographic to do a quick calculation for your business.

Building your own network and security operations and program team in-house can be a challenge and quite expensive, if you can even find the people! So how do you get a proven approach to network security you can rely on without breaking the budget? 


Technium has created solutions for businesses of all sizes with these issues in mind. With our team of highly-skilled and experienced network and security professionals, a proven approach, and a proprietary network performance and management platform, we are well prepared to provide your business with the highest level of active network security, 24x7x365, that will save you time and money compared to attempting to build it in-house.


We’d be happy to do an assessment with you to see if Technium could be a fit for your needs. Just fill out the form below…




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