We go fix it

At the very center of our security offerings are our people and the skills and experience they bring to our Network and Security Operations Center (NSOC). Working closely with Technium, you’re getting an ally in the ever-changing security space and a true, active 24×7 extension of your team.


Why Choose Technium?

There are many out-of-the box, or point solutions that serve a purpose, but are they working together, orchestrated and creating defense in depth? Or, are your solutions working in silo’s, impacting each others effectiveness, leaving gaps, and ultimately leaving you exposed? And lastly, are these solutions properly deployed, maintained (tuned) and meeting the needs not only of where your company is today, but also what is on the horizon?

Technium shines a light on the best solutions and right way forward. Our philosophy and approach is to work with you as a trusted partner and ally to bolster your overall security posture, and to right-size solutions to meet your business needs.

We UNDERSTAND by gathering information about your current infrastructure to make informed improvement recommendations.

We FORTIFY by applying proposed improvements in line with best practices (configuration, architecture, rules and features, etc.) from industry leaders.

We OPERATIONALIZE by maintaining the environment, analyzing Network and Security output to stay ahead of threats and applying business logic with your guidance.

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